Moon and Seasons Series Speed Painting Video

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  1. SPEED painting? Why the rush? Why is everyone pushing to make things faster? Enjoy the season while it lasts. Good art should never be rushed. It may take longer than you think to reach its peak of “ripeness.”

    This is a nice group of paintings. I like the colors. But, I may be missing the seasonal details.


    • I’m not in a rush at all. I actually have four paintings that I’ve been working on for more than a year. The speed paintings are something I do to improve skills and learn how to make decisions about composition, color etc that are most important. The speed helps the editor in me get rid of the unimportant things. This is my school in a way, kind of like journaling for a writer.
      You’re right, people are rushing everything, and it makes for high quantity mediocre quality. Not my thing 🙂


      • I felt silly after seeing the video. You just rushed the footage of the lesson.

        Yes, well, if you still are rushing some things…I have heard SOOOOOO much about this speed-learning technique from this website and nowhere else. It’s driving me up a wall. I’m just going to scream one day and try it. But, I’ll probably feel like I caved on my code.

        I do need help making decisions. But, I keep thinking haste makes waste. Or, if I rush and just make fast decisions, I will sacrifice quality or lose something. I feel rushing makes me more of a factory and less of an artist with purpose/passion. I wonder if, as an interior decorator, I’d do as well walking into a room and spouting off the first things that come to mind in 30 seconds…or spend an hour or more figuring out some options.

        I suppose I could peel/rip off/out some things and declare them unimportant. But, isn’t that haste what some “bosses” suffer from and hire “underlings” to think more stuff up? [Even if those underlings don’t always get respected or kept around long.]

        Well, when you are having a slow day or feel like giving me a speed boost/input, stop by. I’d like to think we’d work well together (without knowing you that well, yet). 😛


      • Don’t feel silly at all 🙂 I think that there’s a difference between being rushed to just produce anything and just making a decision to produce something and moving into it confidently.
        Here’s the thing: don’t rush through anything, but do DO what you feel inspired in your heart to do. Jump in with both feet and don’t be afraid to mess up. There;s no such thing as failure – and you can’t mess up art.
        I look at old paintings and I’m totally embarrassed. I’ve learned SO much through just jumping right into painting, just doing it and not really caring how it comes out. I look at it as an experiment, not something that has to look a certain way.
        I love to talk about this, I love to see people put themselves out there. It’s not an easy thing to do at first, but once you do it, it becomes the new normal.
        You’re an interior decorator? That must be so rewarding. Experiment – maybe you would find that if you spout off what your first impressions are in the first 30 seconds you’ll have great success. maybe not. You’ll never know unless you try. Life is a great game anyway, you may as well put yourself all in and keep trying new things.
        I truly don’t think you can ever get anything wrong, there are no rules. Haste is not the same thing as experimentation and just deciding to do it – right now instead of waiting for things to be a certain way before you start.
        Just start. What do you feel truly inspired to do?


      • If you were rubbing my shoulders/back while saying that first bit every time I hesitated to craft something, I think I’d be far more productive…or a completely paralyzed lap dog:D That is profound…a difference between being rushed by outside forces and pushing myself to complete/do something without hesitation/doubt. So obvious yet refreshing like the old saying: “If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

        My inspirations sometimes seem erroneous or futile. It’s no fun being a creative romantic when the “audience” isn’t receptive/there. I just now imagined myself inflating a heart balloon and stepping across the street before being hit by a car. That’s sort of how it feels. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong person. As a kid, I was encouraged to be creative but then told my work was always done in the wrong place and time. I couldn’t display what I wanted where I wanted it, and when I even packed it away, it wasn’t safe. That sort of crippled me creatively. It has continued through school and work. But, it usually takes the form of some humiliation, like drawing a girl I adored only for classmates to harass me and her (which I most certainly did not want to happen). Similar outcomes have occurred at work.

        I think part of my problem is just being consumed/obsessed with relationships and my solitude. And then, the “duties” of life in this ever computerized world get me down. I can’t remember the last time I felt like just making/recreating something “simple” like trees and animals in a “normal” setting. If I am not trying to be funny, point out some flaw in the “system” or try to woo someone, I don’t know what I am doing, but I don’t do it regularly.

        When ANYONE says they love to talk about something, I immediately transform into a footstool and have a hard time doing anything but talk endlessly:P It’s going to take me all evening to get rid of this shag cover on my back.

        As for making messes, that’s another “flaw” from youth. I wasn’t allowed to make messes without serious consequences. This has carried on through work, too. I have no pleasure from being a perfectionist, but the world keeps whipping me. And, if they don’t whip me, my conditioned brain can’t figure out what to do…and, thus, I get restless and inadequate.

        I dream of working with a partner I trust and just going with the creative flow, just cutting loose in a space that can get messy, throw paint, etc. Just let out everything we are feeling on the canvas and then marvel at our masterpiece, good or bad. But, how and when…

        For me, yes, I can mess up art. And, I have. Comic artists make mistakes. Comedians make mistakes. Bad jokes bomb (or they don’t work with an audience), and the comic likely dumps the bad material rather than keep it (if he’s progressive). A comic strip artist can’t send a mistaken strip to press. He has to have skill and fix any flaws quick. There’s the haste of deadlines.

        I have few works I can look back upon and think good or bad of them. I let so much go with the way life went. I just couldn’t keep those “kids” in my protection, anymore. I had too many odds against me. But, I also hate the thought of someone profiting from my work while they do other things to pleasure themselves. Some days I’d rather be an oak tree dropping acorns.

        You are lucky you can look back at old paintings, maybe. Or, maybe, it’s best not to look and just keep creating (forward).

        I can easily look back at some old sketched in survived notebooks and drift off into “what was then and could have been” land. I can wander there for hours like Alice in her Underland/Wonderland.

        I don’t think I learn much from jumping…but I DO more when I jump more. I guess it’s simple as that. But, I’ve also been badly hurt from jumping. In fact, part of my self-esteem has suffered from a jump I should not have taken. I have taken at least two jumps I regret because I have to look at one of them every time I take a shower. So, I know the folly of my haste and have fearfully slowed everything down to a snail’s pace.


        I think this is getting a bit personal and should be carried on in a more private space.

        I think if I like painting abstracts more, I’d not care as much how it turned out…just paint til I was happy with the outcome/display. But, when I am doing a portrait (pencil and ink), I would rather be accurate than say, “Oh well, it was supposed to be Angelina Jolie, but it looks more like a Bratz doll. No biggie.”

        Uh, not exactly. But, when I get the chance, I like to crack my knuckles (figuratively) and lay out visual blueprints for people. It sometimes just takes a suggested color scheme, theme or a piece of furniture and a mental room diagram to get me going. I’ve impressed people in the past who then said I should be a decorator. It’s currently a back burner job idea.

        A great game??? Yea…I sure am having fun playing this game. A game. I think I will forfeit my properties, let everyone else fight over the monopolies and go scrabble my brain til I am completely boggled. I’d rather play the Newlywed Game or Wheel of Fortune.

        My inspiration keeps taking the same turn. And, there’s no one there but wishful thoughts, muses that disappear in the night and fears of negative outcomes. My inspiration is fueled by my atmosphere and encounters. I could go on, but I’d be writing a book that’s all one blob.


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