Happy Birthday Alex Grey!

Alex_Grey_GaiaAlex-GreyAlex Grey is a revolutionary artist. I love how he incorporates spirituality with art and how he is very public about his use of consciousness altering chemicals. I’m actually very neutral about drug use, I feel that adults are free to make the choice to shift their mental state in any way they please, it’s really no one else’s business. I commend him for being authentic about it.

His paintings are stunning and makes the viewer want to zoom in closer to see what’s really going on, and I adore that. However, more than anything else, what I appreciate about Alex Grey is that he’s established himself as a spiritual and thought leader. He uses his art to communicate his views about the universe.

Art, whether it be music, theatre, dance or visual art is all about communicating a message. I have learned from Alex the importance of communicating your world view through your art, and then using that art as a conversation catalyst to breed awareness about larger issues.

He’s inspired me to do this in my own painting practice. Usually my art is mundane; I pick a picture that I like and paint it. It’s taught me so much, and I’ve enjoyed it so much, but it’s time has passed. I am committing to start a new way of painting. I’m a huge fan of spirit and soul as that which connects us all. I have something to say, and what better way to say it then through my creations.

Anyway – HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX GREY! May this be the best year of your life in all ways ❤

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