Why Art is INCREDIBLY Important

I believe that the earth and everything on it and in it, is one living being. I believe that we are like cells in a body, each of us has a purpose to fulfill to contribute to the health and well-being of the whole.

I’ve tried other things as a career. I’ve been a dog trainer, a waitress, a teacher and I went to school to be a therapist. However, art has been the one thing that has been consistent. I’ve always returned to it.

I love everything about painting. I love the greasy smell of linseed oil, the way a brush feels in my hands, seeing a project through to completion. I even love the meditative repetitiveness of cleaning my brushes.

But I also love dancing, almost as much as I love art. So, why am I not a dancer?

Art calls to my spirit. When I paint it feels like God is moving through me. The way the paint moves across the surface and becomes an image that previously only existed in my imagination is orgasmic. I feel like I am in my own private world, free to do whatever I please. I can create this world however I want.

Aside from adoring the process, there’s also a larger reason I love my career. The creation of art turns the artist inside out, exposing the inner world, the subconscious mind of the creator. Each artist is creating a world, like God created a world. We all do it, every human creates worlds. However, visual artists put it out there for everyone to see. Each piece speaks to a deep part of each viewer, from a deep part of the creator. It’s magic, in a way.

I believe that my job as an artist is actually VERY important. I believe art is one of the most important things in our culture. Art is not needed for our survival. So, when a culture is thriving, their art thrives. When a culture is suffering, the art of that culture suffers. I feel though, that it’s important for even struggling cultures to create beauty, so they can call in new energies, put it out there to the universe that they’re thriving. The universe is a mirror, and will reflect that energy back, and they will start to thrive.

Art is like a spell or a prayer. It is an incredible amount of energy to put into something. Then, to release it to the world is to release all of that emotion, all of that intention.

Imagine a day without art. It would be a day of only practicality and utility. There would be no soul. Everything would be functional, and we would survive, but a life without beauty is not a life at all. Music, performance, photography, even logos, book covers, sexy cars, tattoos, greeting cards, beautiful clothing and jewelry, website design, pretty haircuts, make-up, furniture with designs or patterns, none of these things would exist. How dull. What would be the point?

Artists – you are extremely important. You add something of immeasurable value to the world. Own it.

bubble autumn tree

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