I’m 111 Years Old

I turned 111 years old yesterday. I’m sitting on the window seat in my sunny bedroom, looking out over my beautiful yard, thinking back on my life. I feel good about how I’ve lived. I’ve been financially successful, I’ve had good health and my family has been close and loving. My marriage is amazing. I could die now happily.

I thought I fell asleep for a second, I hear a gentle knock at the door. A woman walks in and sits down on the window seat across from me. She looks like she’s in her twenties, maybe her thirties. She looks so familiar, but I just can’t place her. Then she speaks, “Hello”. I nearly fall over, it’s me. This woman is me when I was much younger.

“I’ve come here to talk to you,” she says.

“Okay,” is all I can say.

It’s clear to me that she intended to do this, it was no accident. She is sitting across from me now, and I can sense an urgency. She needs me to give her advice on how to be me. She doesn’t need to tell me that, I just know. I remember now.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of.” I start with this because it seems most important. “Whatever it is that you’re afraid to do, make sure that you do it. It’s the scary stuff that you’ll remember, it’s how you know you’re alive. That’s the stuff I look back on, the stuff that I can’t believe I did”

She just smiles at me. I take a deep breath, “Remember that we are all just empty vessels. We are all neutral. Each of us are capable of anything that anyone else has ever done. It’s all about your focused attention and your intention. The problem with you is that you plan too much. Stop writing lists and thinking so big. Know what you want your outcome to be, have a vision of it. Focus on that vision clearly before you get out of bed and as you’re falling asleep, then take action.”

“How will I know what action to take if I don’t write it down?” she asks me.

“You do what feels right. Whatever pulls at your heart is right. Follow that. You have to be sure that you follow through with it, and finish what you start. Do what you feel inspired to do, but know that there will be times when you were inspired and passionate in the beginning and then you hit obstacles. Obstacles aren’t a sign to stop, they’re a sign that you need to think differently. Know that obstacles are great opportunities. You’ve go to know exactly what you want the outcome to be in your business and your personal life. Have a vision, briefly feel the feelings that you want to feel, and then take action. Keep taking action until you hit your mark. That’s how you know it’s time to stop and make new goals, because you’ve hit your mark.”

I continue, “Always ask yourself what you would do if what you wanted was already yours and all that you had to do was align with it. That’s all you’re really doing anyway. The trick it that you’ve got to embody this in the present. It’s very important that you are present, otherwise you’re not really living anyway. You’ve got to be who you ultimately want to be right here and now. I’m still doing this.”

The past me is looking eagerly at me, waiting for something big to be revealed. She isn’t satisfied. She asks, “What’s the most important thing I should know?”

“You know the answer,” I say. “The only thing that matters is love. I’m not talking about love as a feeling, I’m talking about love as a vibration. I can describe fear as what you want to get away from, what you don’t want. Love is the opposite of fear. So, love is anything that you want to move toward. The most important thing that you must focus all of your attention on is what you want to move toward. Always be thinking of this. Always be mindful of what you’re heading toward. It starts with your thinking. If you notice that you’re thinking things that make you feel bad, you know that’s not leading you toward anything good. Ask yourself what you want to be moving toward. Constantly move toward it, and when you get there, set a new mark for an even better place. Put love into everything that you’re doing, EVERYTHING that you’re doing, and you can only get love out of it. When you wake up in the morning, put love into the day. When you’re cooking, do your best to make it a dish that everyone will love. When you’re talking with someone, listen to them as if that’s the last time you’ll ever be with them and speak with love. Add love, add love, add love. If you do that then everything that comes into your life will be a bonus, something added to the love, well-being and wholeness that you already feel. If you don’t do this, everything you do will only be to distract yourself, you’ll always feel like you need to be somewhere better and everything that comes into your life, you’ll gobble up in hopes that it will fill a hole. Add love, think love, be love in the present moment. If you stray, just return to love. That’s the only thing you ever need to really remember, the only thing you ever really need to practice.”

She seemed satisfied. She smiled at me, “Thank you.”

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