Work in Progress

Details of leaves, and a cute panther sleeping.pretty DSC02718

The palette that I’ve been using for the leaves. There’s A LOT of leaves in this painting, and they’re all kind of the same shape. You’d think that I’d be bored and dreading making more leaves after painting them for days, but I actually really enjoyed it. It was very meditative. The leaves in the bottom part are done though, on to the flowers, starting tomorrow.pretty DSC02719

I collect four leave clovers. I have about 40 of them. So, I decided that I had to have a four leaf clover hidden in the green. I’m not sure if I’ll be adding more yet. It’s a good possibility though. prettyDSC02734

Here’s what the clover looks like from a little further away. Yes, I do think it needs a few more. prettyDSC02735

Randomly taking pictures of myself.prtty me studip DSC02708

WILD angle. Her hair is SO crazy. I love it. studio progress DSC02696

As I’ve shown in a previous post, I decided to cover the sun and the moon. They were beautiful, and I love the tarot very much (it’s my second passion, art, of course is my first), but they just didn’t go at all with the natural look of the painting. So, in the place of the sun there will be a “swarm” of butterflies. DSC02689

I’m still keeping the deadline of April 4 at 12:30PM. Yes – THIS April 4. Just going to have to put my time in, that’s all.

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