Painting Fairies Plein Air

It’s school vacation, and we’re without a car. My girlie, Selene, loves to draw. So, she and I decided to go outside and create. We’re lucky enough to have a patch of woods right near our garden. She took me to a spot she really likes and we sat on a rock and worked on our creations together.

It was a perfect day for painting outside.

plein air 20150422_124541

My little lovey loves cats. She was drawing pictures of characters from a book series she is mildly obsessed with called “Warrior Cats”. She scribbled on them before I could take pictures. Confidence is needed.20150422_132557

This is what we were looking at, this is Selene’s spot, where the warrior cats meet. It was a little magical I must say.
plein air20150422_142708I wasn’t really interested in capturing every detail, I had already completed one painting for the day. This one was strictly for fun.
plein air 20150422_141300
When I took it home, it definitely needed something else. Everything is better with a fairy or two, so I added a little girl fairy.
plein air fairy

“Wondering Through” 8X10″ oil on canvas. Bid on eBay.

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