Whatever I Want To Draw Kind of Drawings from My Sketchbook.

Sometimes I like to just doodle. A lot of times when I doodle, it’s just non-nonsensical zig-zags and random lines. Other times, it’s really trippy.IMG_20150407_082322

These two drawings are from a long ago sketch book that I found in the trunk of my car. I was just drawing, allowing whatever was in my mind to come out on the paper. It’s fun to do, without worrying about how it comes out. I can share my sketch book drawings if I want to, but I certainly don’t have to.


I think that there many advantages to using a sketch book, one of the advantages is getting out the weirdo stuff in your brain that otherwise has no outlet. In the drawings above, if I were to try and write my thoughts out in a journal, the words wouldn’t be able to describe it.

In the pictures above, there was an essence that was captured. If could have been a smear of bright pink paint with green spatters around it. There’s a feeling that is expressed and captured in an image that sometimes words lose in translation.

I also feel that it’s useful as a kind of therapy. Feelings need to be honored, and a sketch book gives you a way of acknowledging and honoring your feelings without causing any damage.

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