Who is Iris?


“Iris” 11X14″ Oil on Canvas



I finished this painting yesterday, and I wasn’t sure what to call her. I put her on Facebook, and a friend suggested Iris. Perfect! The strange thing is, Iris has been coming up for me over and over in my life lately. I think I might need some balance. This is who Iris is:

Following excerpt taken from Order of the White Moon:

Iris, in Greek mythology, was known as a lesser Goddess, a beloved messenger of other gods and the personification of the Rainbow. She was the daughter of Titan Thaumas and Electra, the ocean nymph. Sister to the Harpies and wife of Zephyrus, the God of the west wind, bearing two sons, Eros (said to be son of Aphrodite) and Pothos (passion and an attendant of Aphrodite).

Iris was also portrayed as a beautiful maiden, with golden wings, robes of bright colors and a halo of light around her head.She was the ambassador of Zeus and his wife Hera, the King and Queen of Gods. It was said that Iris leaves Mount Olympus only to deliver messages to mankind who look to her as an
advisor and guide, linking her between the worlds of the gods and humanity.

Such was her speed, she travels fast as the wind from one corner of the earth to the other, from the depths of the ocean to the underground world. Apart from carrying messages Goddess Iris had many other tasks to perform. One was to deliver a jug of water from the river Styx so to put whoever lies to sleep. Zeus would make the gods swear by the water of the Styx and any god swearing falsely would lie breathless for a year and then barred for nine years from the gods meetings and feasts.

Among her other attributes are the caduceus and the vase of water. The caduceus is a symbol of healing and divine communication through which the Kundalini rises. It consists of a central staff entwined by the twin serpents. The Kundalini is described as a serpent-like energy. Both the caduceus and the Kundalini are associated with healing. The vase is a symbol of the Kundalini itself.

Traveling through all dimensions, Iris uses her gifts to prevent unnecessary suffering by severing the silver cord that binds them to Mother Earth bringing relief from a slow death. Though she was sometimes called upon to deliver bad news, Iris was known as a sweet tempered Goddess with no enemies. This gave her an access to the universe and welcome in all corners of the earth and beyond. Along with the severing of the silver cord, Iris would lead the souls of the dead women to the Elysian Fields. To honor her, the Greeks would plant purple iris flowers on the graves of the dead. To this day, the Greeks plant irises on women’s graves so that Goddess Iris will guide them to their resting places.
Iris not being a mere follower and deliverer of others’ messages, her other qualities are gentle strength and communication skills born out of the art of balance. Iris mediates between the poles of good and evil creating balance amid strife. She arrests action and creates harmony. Iris is a bringer of hope and justice through temperance rather than force. It has been said that all the colors of the rainbow blended together create the color white, essence of the Spirit.

Call on Iris to bring peace, harmony and balance to your life. Ask her to help you be patient and to have restraint and self control. She can also help you to awaken your kindalini.

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