What is a Shadow Fairy?


I had a dream once that I was in a castle in England that was “infested” with these beings called “shadow fairies”. I wasn’t able to find out much about them online, but a friend of mine says that they are “real”, in myth anyway.

I do believe in a fairy energy. I believe that fairies are a mischievous, fun, magical, adventurous and effervescent kind of energy. Sort of the way I believe that a house can be “haunted”. I don’t believe that a person’s spirit is actually here on earth causing trouble, I believe that the place or object being haunted is surrounded by a scary energy.

I won’t pretend to know the reason why things or places or people contain certain energies. I don’t know the workings of the universe. However, I’ve been in places that feel like they contain a fairy energy. That is the traditional fairy energy. My dream wasn’t about traditional fairies, it was about shadow fairies, and that was another type of energy altogether.

Although I really couldn’t find anything about shadow fairies online, I have my dream, and that gave me a lot of information (subconscious mind knows all). Shadow fairies are mischievous and magical, but they aren’t fun or effervescent. When you get lost in a traditional fairy forest, you feel excited, swept away by a magical adventure that you’re thrilled to be a part of. When you get lost in a shadow fairy forest, you feel a darkness, something unknown and a little scary. You would feel like the forest itself might swallow you, and you want to find your way home ASAP.

The thing is, I believe if you were lost in a traditional fairy forest you would just go on a crazy, magical adventure. It would be amazing, you’d see things that you never thought you’d see and you’d be happy to have the memories of it.

If you were lost in a shadow fairy forest and you couldn’t find your way home, your strength would be tested. You’d be forced to make difficult choices, to endure hardships that would either break you or bring out the very best in you. In the end, your true self would be revealed, you would have grown as a person and evolved into someone that can endure and is unafraid of the dark. You’d be stronger, and very relieved that it was over.

If you encounter a shadow fairy, or God forbid, if you ever find yourself lost in a shadow fairy forest, just remember that you are stronger than you think you are. Remember that light overcomes any darkness, and the brightest light is in you. Remain steadfastly positive, and you’ll make your way through.

It’s impossible to catch a dream on film, so here’s my rendering of a shadow fairy. She’s available on ebay here πŸ˜‰

shadow fairy

“Shadow Fairy” 11X14″ Oil on Canvas




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